Removing Sd Card in tomtom 720

Mar 31, 2008
When I bought my tomtom install in it a 4 Gb sd card. All these years it?s been there doing nothing. Recently I found new use for that card but elas, if I remove the card from the gps. it don?t start anymore. Is it possible to recuperate the card. My computer tell me Internal tomtom 106Go use/ on 1.8 G, so I don?t really need a card but if i connect to the computer or try to start it it say CARD NOT FOUND EVEN AFTER A RECET.
Thanks all
If you look at the contents of the unit using Explorer, do you see a bunch of loose files (files not in any folder) on the UNIT?

And, with the card in the slot, do you see any loose files on the CARD?
Yes there is quite a flew loose file on the sd card and also on the memory card.
I would say about 30 to 40 on each.
TomTom Home probably loaded a firmware upgrade to your SD card at some point, and you've been booting off of that ever since. If there is a bootable system on your SD card, your 720 will use that before it ever looks at the memory on your unit.

OK - you can function as you do now, but it would be a good idea if you had your operating software in internal memory. Right now, it appears that there is something there, but that it cannot work.

Might wait for dhn to add his information to this before you jump into this job, but here is what I'm thinking (use THIS procedure for both internal and SD backup ->

Copy the entire contents of your internal memory to a folder on your PC.
Copy the entire contents of your SD card to another folder on your PC.
Copy the entire contents of your SD card to your internal memory.

All in THAT order! Do NOT start with step 3!

That will assure that we have backups of everything, and will copy what seems to be working for you on your SD to your internal so you can remove the SD card.

Also - depending upon how long you've owned your 720, there was a time when it could NOT manage more than a 2GB card correctly. It would look like it was OK, but it was not. Your unit firmware must be at least 8.302 before a 4GB card can be used correctly. Since we don't know how long ago "all these years" might be, can you also verify the current firmware level of your 720 for us?
The version is 8.351.
Yes the card is a 4G card and only 2G was recognise at the time but it always work perfectly, so I never bother changing it.
Thanks for the entire tip. I have a trip planned tonight. I will try to fallow your instructions tomorrow.
I keep my finger cross.
Yep, Canderson is correct. From your initial post, it did seem the unit was booting from the card, which is why I asked the contents of both.

While some run everything off a sdhc card (application and all maps, etc), it is also possible to have the application on internal as well as computer voices, etc. but run the maps on a sdhc card -- the faster the better (class 6+) -- and with the application 8.351 installed, your 720 can handle up to a 32 gig sdhc card. Overkill likely but allowing for lots of room for maps, tons of mp3, photos, etc.

But, make the backups first since you want to protect existinng maps at all costs.
Yes it work but,
My computer says there is 1903.6 mo. install.
And the space left is only 52.5 mo.
Is this sufficient or is there something I can remove.
I'm not sure what you mean by "mo" in your space calculations, but I'm guessing that Windows is reporting only 52 MByte remaining on the internal memory.

That shouldn't matter because you are REPLACING most of what is on the memory with the newer content from the SD card. When you try, Windows will ask if you want to replace files with th same name with the newer versions. Just say "yes" to all.

HOWEVER, when Canderson said to copy everything from the SD card to the internal memory, you MIGHT run out of room because the map is too big. If that is the case, you should just copy everything from the SD to the internal memory EXCEPT the named map folder ("Western Europe", "North America" or whatever yours is called, leaving the map folder on the card.


Finally, if all the above sounds too much like hard work, why not leave everything just the way it is? Running the TomTom from the SD card is a perfectly acceptable thing to do.
As I said, if the map is too large, you'll need to carry on using the SD card anyway.
New SD cards are pretty cheap now, couldn't you just buy another one for your other needs?
Finally, if all the above sounds too much like hard work, why not leave everything just the way it is? Running the TomTom from the SD card is a perfectly acceptable thing to do.
I'm a little concerned about his operation on a 4GB card unless/until we can be absolutely positive that his firmware is properly supporting it. Reads from 4GB seemed to function before 8.302, but writes were a problem. He bought and installed the card right when he bought the unit, and there's no telling what firmware (could easily be Navcore 7) was preloaded.

Anyway, his objective was to try to free up the card.
Yes there is very little space left on the internal memories.
It seems to function normally, and the 4g card is now free. Fee up the card was the main object of the attempt.
I will keep a copy of the sd card in a safe place and thy the unit as it is now and see what will happen.
Thanks All

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