Removing dead POIs from Device

Apr 22, 2013
Hi all,

have a VIA 1500

I'd like to remove business that have closed up shop on my device but when I "delete" the poi, it reappears when I go back.

Why isn't the POI being deleted when I tell my device to do so?
Are the ones you wish to delete custom POIs that you added or built-in ones that came from TomTom? You will not be able to delete any built-in ones.

No, say a "Shell" gas station has closed permanently near me. If I try to delete that gas station specifically, it reappears again on my screen.

When, if any, does it take effect?
You can make a correction to built-in pois using mapshare corrections on the device.
You can make a correction to built-in pois using mapshare corrections on the device.
Still not working...trying to remove all the Lick's restaurants (since as you know, they declared bankruptcy)....tried to delete them....still came back.
He's right... It doesn't seem to be working on NAV3 models.

To delete a BUILT-IN POI, you do not got to "Manage POIs" - that's just dealing with added "third-party" POIs.
Instead, you should do this
1. Go to Menu / Settings / Map Corrections
2. Select "Correct a map error"
3. Go to the second page of menu options and select "Edit POI"
4.Then got through the usual POI near you/in city/near home etc. selection followed by selecting the POI category
5. That should present you with a list of entries in that category near the place you selected.
6. Pick one and it will get shown on a mini-map.
7. Tap "Select"
8 You'll then get a list of options, the first of which is "Delete POI"

I just tried it and the selected POI is not going away.

I also had fun trying the other options.

At first I thought "Rename the POI" was working, but in fact it seems to be adding a duplicate ON TOP OF the original one and only renaming the duplicate.

I only found that out because next I tried to "Move the POI on the map" and I ended up with TWO versions next to each other.

When I tried it again, I got THREE of the same POI next to each other.

You can then delete the copies, but not the original.

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