Removing Third Pary App - GO 730

Sep 19, 2008
Jersey Shore, USA
TomTom Model(s)
GO 730, XL IQ Routes Edition, VIA 1605
A very, very long time ago I installed a third party app to my GO 730 called "Skip Waypoint". Basically, it would skip the next waypoint in your itinerary and begin navigating to the one after it. It was useful if you had set a waypoint on the wrong side of a divided highway or something like that, where your navigator was telling you to turn around and go back for it.

That app no longer works in the new navcore application, but it still occupies space on the drive and a spot in the menu. How do I remove it?
Use Explorer to look at the contents of your device. The 3rd party app should appear there somewhere. I'm not sure exactly what file(s) it installed on the device but you should be able to detect something there and just delete them perhaps.
Look in the root of your device for a folder called 'sdkregistry'. Within that, you should be able to spot files associated with your 3rd party app since they should be clear from the name. Now that you know the name, look for folders with that same name in the root of your device. So if you find files in the form 'offroad.*' in your sdkregistry folder, then you should look for a folder called 'offroad' in the root. Deleting the folder for the 3rd party app (e.g., 'offroad') and its associated files from 'sdkregistry' removes the application from your device.
As a paranoid pessimist, I would add the comment that I suggest that each of the files that you plan to delete should be copied to your PC before you delete it from your GPS, and a note made of the location on your GPS from which each file came. If your GPS works well after the files have been deleted, you can then delete these files from your PC. If an error has been made and files deleted that should not have been touched, you can copy them back onto your GPS.

As you may notice, my basic philosophy is, "Murphy was an optimist".

- Tom -
Interesting. I found 2 files only in the skdregistry folder, a bmp and a cap file, both named "skipwaypoint" The cap file appeared to be some sort of a batch file, and pointed to a folder that no longer existed. Small wonder it no longer worked. Removing those two files cleared the icon from the menus. Job done.

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