registering a used tomtom

May 5, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
I have aquired a used tomtom 930t from a friend and cannot change the account name.

I have used my computer number 2 rather than my main computer which looks after my tomtom 920t.

Can I not use the same computer, (I am told no) Some homes have more than one car and sat nav and just one computer.

I would appreciate pointing in the right direction.
You will need the login information that your friend was using. You can use the same computer for any number of TomToms (I have several on mine, including a 720, a 730 and a 940). What is critical is that they all have unique email addresses. If you can get that info from your friend, get back to us.
reply back

My friend is dropping that e mail address and while I can use it temp thats all, it will need to be essentially reassigned,,,

Thanks for the info thus far I appreciate this,, I am now another step forward,,, how do I change the e mail address please.

Many thanks,, sure I will get there :) :) :)


You can try calling CS at 0845 161 0009 or 020 7387 5444 and see if they'll do it for you.

Many thanks for quick reply, I shall be onto that this morning if they are there, if not monday.
So long as you have got the existing account details username/email and password), then you SHOULD be able to change it to anything else yourself.
IIRC, you do it by logging into the TT website with the existing account name.
many thanks.
I appreciate the help, I have just changed the battery in a 930t and now have to do the 920t when I have broken this one in.
Do you know what the difference is between a 930t and 920t while I am here on this thread.

Difference is almost nil. As I recall, the 930 will do speech recognition by default, whereas the 920 requires a small file to be added that enables that function. Little things like that.
The situation is in fact complicated by tomtoms administration in that,, as I have changed the password for the tomtom 930 but still have the old owners email address, the old owner has found he cannot now connect with his newer tomtom, and if I go and change the email address for this tomtom,, his account,, which he requires for logging on for updates,, it would be closed or inactive. I never met anyone yet who likes calling customer services,,, do I really have too?
Don’t tomtom have provision for this, after all millions of tomtoms may have been sold. Sorry If I am having a moan, but its not at this forum for which I am very grateful.
He can register the new unit using a different email address/password. In fact he should.
I think the old owner has (unwittingly) caused the problem, by registering his new TomTom with the same email addres?

If you're sure that's what has happened, then I think Customer Services are the only ones who can sort it out.

But they really should be able to do so, ask to be transferred to "2nd line" if they say they can't.
understood, methinks! it may well be that when he registered it the system did not prevent him putting more than one device on the same e mail address, and further,, it may not have advised him not to register more than one device to one e mail address. On from that some people may have one address and find hardship in configuring another email address,, these are just thoughts Andy,, but I take your note 100% gratefully and am sure you are perfectly right,, and I move forward as a result.
John :) :) :)
AH! with regards to DHN's answer,, case of the horse had already bolted some time back, I did not know this had it been me,, but now I am (and so is my friend) aware.
I am also sure this thread will be of use to many other users. So from all of us,, Thank You :) :) :)


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