Device Code- Registering Device

Dec 25, 2009
Product Code

I got a TomTom XL 340 IQ Routes Edition and cannot find the Product Code for it anywhere. I think it is supposed to be 15 digits/letters.

Under HELP/System Information in TomTom Home, I get a 10 digit alphanumeric Device Code and a 12 digit alphanumeric Serial Number, neither work for registering the unit.

On MYTOMTOM the My Tom Tom device option is not available.

The unit seems to work OK, but the USE MY ACTIVATION CODE feature shows a partial faded code and is also un-useable since I cannot read the code to enter it.

My first impression of the TomTom unit and "processes" is not a very good one.
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You don't need a product code as all map activation is carried out via the TomTom Home application, for device registration all Home will want is an e-mail address and the rest is automatic through Home - Mike
The "activation code" feature in HOME is more like a coupon code. You can buy things like fuel and maps in certain stores. You get a scratch card with a code that you type into the activation code section in home.

As Mike mentioned, you can buy everything directly via home. On rare occasion (eg: clearance) those store cards are cheaper, but it's really rare.
TomTom Registration

Hi got a old TOM TOM ONE Just brought a new TOM TOM XL IQ EUROPE and have been tring to register it to get a ?10 gift from tom tom but it wont let me keeps saying there's already an account in that name & email address,
tried changing name & password but still the same, any help please
Use a different e-mail address to register the new device, if you re-use an old one allocated to another TomTom you will have nothing but trouble, I don't even use active e-mail addresses for the devices anymore I simply make them up, as long as its in the e-mail format the server will accept it "[email protected]" would be perfectly acceptable to the server - Mike

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