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Feb 18, 2010
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I finally obtained a complete list of fixed red light cameras here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I tried to follow the limited procedure I got on these forums for MANUALLY entering these cameras on my Tom Tom GO630.
I went to Tom Tom Services? Safety Cameras? Report Safety Camera?Fixed Cameras.
After hitting fixed cameras the screen changed to a map of streets around my house and over my house there is a blinking icon. A voice comes on saying ?SPECIFY TERMINAL LOCATION?. Saying anything does nothing. At the bottom of the of the screen the following is listed: Options..Find..Back..Done. On the right of the screen is a scale allowing you to zoom in or out on the map.
I am at a total loss as to the next procedure as to how to enter fixed red light cameras at various intersections with this screen or if I have done the right thing to this point.
I would appreciate guidance in my goal to manually enter the numerous cameras I have and if I am going in the right direction and if not a little more than a one sentence explanation. Thanks in advance for any help!
As far as I know, the only way to report a camera to their own system is to press the "report" button as you are actually driving past the camera's position.

From my standpoint here in Europe, I would say you're wasting your time trying to submit them to TomTom!
I would create your own POI category out of the data and set up warnings for them on the TomTom yourself.

Or alternatively report them all to one of the other database suppliers such as Trapster (if they don't have them already!) and subscribe to their database.

You night find this earlier topic helpful too:

Custom POI for Red Light Cameras
How quick and easy it will be all depends on how the information you've got for the cameras is laid out and presented - Are the camera positions specified by Is it by Latitude and Longitude coordinates, or in some other way?

The simplest (but most time-consuming) way would be to create a new POI category on the TomTom itself (call it "RedLightCams" or whatever you like) Then use the "Find" feature and the Blue cursor on the "Browse map" page to search for addresses, road names, Lat/Long coordinates or whatever you have.
Then add each redlight camera position to the POI category one-by-one (using the blue cursor button at the bottom).
What you really want to do if possible though, is to create the entire POI file from the data you've got for the redlight cams.

To do that, you'll need to get the data into a format similar to this:

Longitude, Latitude, Name, speed (optional)
1.23456, 6.7890, RedLight_12345, 30
2.3456, 7.89012, RedLight_67890, 40

If it can be got into that sort of form, it should be possible to use a few easily available shareware programs to turn it into an "ov.2" format file which the TomTom can use as a POI file.

Whichever method you use, once the data is in the TomTom as a POI file, you can then set up audible and visual warnings for them, in the Manage POIs menu.

Let us know if the second method looks feasible and we can give more specific instructions, once we know how your data is laid out.
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:thumb::thumb: Thanks for explaining the different methods. In my situation I went on my citys web page and got a list of all the red light cameras. They were listed by intersection and location (example: Ellice Avenue and St. James Street on the north east side.
I have approximately 60 of the camers listed in this manner that don't activate my TomTom 630 and approximately 25 that do. The 25 that do warn me were automatically on my TomTom since I first bought it.
It's the other 60 or so I want to do the same but as I mentioned above, all I have are the two cross streets and the geographical location on those cross streets. My problem was how to enter these cameras with the above information I found on my citys web page.
They were listed by intersection and location (example: Ellice Avenue and St. James Street on the north east side.

In that case, it's going to be laborious to enter them all, but it's possible!

First, create your new POI category in Change Preferences/Manage POIs.

Then go to "Browse map", select Find/Address/Street and House number. Enter the city, then the main street.
Then select the "Crosssing" button and select the second street.
That should take you to the intersection.

Tap the screen where you want the camera to go (zoom in as far as you like to get it as accurate as possible), then tap the blue cursor button at the bottom and select Add as POI. Choose your new category and give it a name.

Repeat 59 times! :D

(Might be easier to subscribe to Trapster?)
:thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb: Thank you so much! Finially information I can use and understand. :)

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