Custom POI for Red Light Cameras

Dec 18, 2007
South FL
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom XL-335TM; Map 935.5811
After trying several times to add known 'red-light cameras' in my living area to TomTom's Safety Camera Data Base without success, I decided to create my own custom POI category. I think it's going to work—for my immediate area anyway.

I called it "_Red Light Cameras" – with the underline at the beginning so it's first on the list of POIs (something Mikealder suggests... thanks Mike). I selected the red circle to mark these cameras and set it to sound an alarm of my choice at the default of distance of 300 yards. Also, I did not tick 'only show when on route'. This way when I'm driving around town without a route planned, it will still alert me when I'm approaching a camera at an intersection. It's not like I'm in the habit of running red lights :eek:, but the experience in this area is that a number of folks driving in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, and Palm Springs, FL have been hit with tickets when they have gone through a 'yellow' light. I just want to play it safe. Even the Mayor of West Palm Beach got one last year.

I found this website which maintains a website of all sorts of cameras in the USA. (sorry, doesn't look like they do Canada). If interested, here's that link:

Red Light Cameras & Speed Cameras - Database of Intersections, Fines, Maps

Found another source... this one more inclusive:
Trapster - Trapster Speed Trap Sharing System

<< edit to add image >>

This is what my screen shows as I approach an intersection with a red-light-camera. The icon in the upper left corner flashes along with an audible alert:

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redlight camera poi

Hey that sounds great. I can't get this function to work on my go 2505. How would I download this app.:eek:
Not familiar with your particular model TomTom, but there is nothing to download. I created this POI category myself. Here are the steps I used on my model (XL-335TM).

  • Tap screen
  • Change preferences
  • right-arrow, then 'manage POIs
  • Add POI category
Now name this new POI category whatever you want. I used "Red Light Camera".

Once you have a category named, exit or click done. Once you're back to the main screen, to add Red Light Cameras to the new category...

  • Tap screen
  • Change preferences
  • Add POI
  • Select the category you just created
  • Right arrow
  • 'Point on map'
Using the link I shared above, locate the red light cameras in your area on the map of your TomTom by scrolling around. Sometimes a camera is only on one direction of travel at an intersection. This alerts me whenever I get within 300 yds — regardless of direction of travel. Not a big deal to me. It still alerts me to be careful. :D

Hope this helps.
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Hey that sounds great. I can't get this function to work on my go 2505. How would I download this app.:eek:

On your model, you do have Safety Camera.

Services-->Safety Cameras-->You may have to click on 'Enable Alerts'. (if it shows 'Disable Alerts', then they are enabled).
Hi dhn,

Melby might be having the same problem I have where adding red-light cameras to the Safety Camera alerts doesn't work for him or her. Safety Alerts work for me in other areas like Sarasota, FL, but not in my area. I've added cameras (through 'Report safety camera') several times but they never show up on my TomTom ? even after sharing the corrections with HOME. :cool:
Melby, your 2505 should by now be offering custom third party POI support so the files that are supplied as camera database files in true ov2 format with a bmp icon will work with the device you have.

You can create the file in the same way Rick details for your local area, install it to your unit using the "MyTomTom" PC interface then set up the Warn When Near POI option on the unit.

Note the TomTom safety cameras are directional so you only get a warning in the direction of travel if you will get caught by the camera, if the camera is at the junction but not covering your heading you don't get a warning. With a third party custom POI file or a DIY provided file you will get warnings in either direction.

Advantage of a DIY/ third party POI file is one of accuracy, the TomTom supplied camera database is nothing short of pathetic in the UK when compared to whats available from other sources - Mike

Don't think the required application for custom poi files has been rolled out to the 2X users here in NA, yet.
Don't think the required application for custom poi files has been rolled out to the 2X users here in NA, yet.
Ah, Ok so its a bit like the roll out of POI capability for the Go-1000 units in the UK then, for some users it works for others it doesn't - Mike

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