Custom POI questions (newby)

Aug 18, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
Go Live 1534TM
I have a new GoLive 1535TM, and have been trying to configure it for a planned trip. This is my first GPS for a car.

This model comes loaded with POI's & POI Categories. We can't add our own POI's to the existing categories, so we must create our own categories. Take the case of the POI, "Restaurant". If it doesn't have my favorite restaurant, if I were to create a personal category of "Restaurant", how do I get the unit to recognize both categories?

If I can't, what suggestions do you have to have "voice recognition" find what I am looking for?

Thanks for your help,

There's no tidy way to 'combine' your own custom POI along with an existing POI of the same name for a 'combined' search of a single category of POI.

However, if you search by name (rather than category) for a POI, all of your custom POI are searched along with the embedded ones. So if you know the name of the restaurant and ask for that using "POI near you" or similar, typing the name will bring it up regardless of which POI list it's in.
As an aside, you can also add your restaurant to the existing Restaurant list, which may be what you really intended to ask about.

Map corrections
Correct a map error
R arrow
Add missing POI
{select category}
The advantage of adding your POI to the existing list as a 'correction' is that it gets uploaded to TT and (one hopes) eventually added to their database.

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