How Do I Manually Add Red Light Cameras

Feb 19, 2010
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TomTom Model(s)
Via 1535 TM
:confused::confused: I have a Go 630. There are at least 50 red light cameras in the city but only about 15% of them show up on my Go 630 when I approach them.
I would really appreciate instructions on how to manually enter the other 85%that don't show up. Thanks for any help you can give me.


Do you have a Services icon? If so, click it and you should see Safety Cameras. Click it and go from there (Add is an option you should see)


You don't say which country you are from, but you may well find a camera database from a third-party supplier gives much better results than TomTom's own effort.

I'm in the UK and the TomTom fixed camera database is improving but still pretty poor (for mobile sites it is dreadful).

So I use the database from PocketGPSWorld and install that as POIs on the TomTom, complete with spoken warnings that announce the speed limit as you approach the camera.

There will be similar services available in the US and other countries.

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