Entering New or Unentered Red Light Cams Manually ??

Feb 18, 2010
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TomTom Model(s)
Via 1535 TM
Is it possible to enter the location of RedLight/Speed cams manually that are newly installed or cams that have been at an intersection for a long time but don't show up on the map?
I have a Go 630 with all the newest updates. I appreciate any info.
Create your own custom POI file on the device and add the individual locations on the device, you can then use the Manage POI/ Warn When Near POI function so the device will warn you of any locations stored as you are driving - Mike
Thank you mikealder for answering my problem. Since we're on the subject of red light//speed cams I am curious as to how the red light /speed cam is recognized on the TomTom. I am refering to the situation when you are going to enter an intersection with a red light/speed cam. Here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada that I am refering to, if you enter that intersection from three directions there is no warning. All of a sudden if you enter the intersection from the remaining street, the red light /speed cam is recognized and the warning comes up on the TomTom.
Why is this happening on one street and not the 3 other intersecting streets? Thanks for an answer!!!!!!!!!!
When you set up the POI Warning did you select the checkbox "Warn only if POI on route" if you did the device will only warn you if the POI location is on a route set, no route = no warning also, if the camera isn't on the actual road used by a planned route the device won't warn you. Easy option is to go to Change Preferences/ Manage POI/ Warn When Near POI and de-select the "Warn only if POI on Route" checkbox - What distance have you got the POI Warning set to? - Mike
The information you have given me in regards to useing the POI is great. Your reply above has to do with the POI instrictions you gave me previously.
I have NOT started that process yet. In my previous question above it has to do with the Map Share Updates that I get off of TT Home for traffic cam updates that don't a lot located in my area.
I will use the information you gave me useing the POI to set up new Red Light/Speed cams. The RedLight/Speed cams that are downloaded from TT Home are the ones that I was referring to but you answered my question on that in your last post.
I hope the last post I sent is understandable. I have to use my spell check and edit my posts more accurately.
The tomtom supplied camera files are used on the device in a different way to a user defined Custom POI file

Can you explain the issue with MapShate as I seem to have missed something here, safety cameras/ red light cameras are nothing to do with MapShare? - Mike

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