Entering GPS Coordinates into a XL350TM

Oct 15, 2010
I was recently following/tracking a weather balloon experiment. I had the last known GPS coordinates of the balloon but could not determine how to enter them into the TT so it could take me to the balloon. The balloon was in a wooded field.

How do I enter GPS coordinates into the XL350TM??


Being one of the "Easy Menu" models, you don't. There are a handful of TomTom models that employ EasyMenu, none of which support that feature, nor a number of other features a person might come to expect (in fact, should expect) on a GPS... even after TomTom got an earful and added back some of the features.

If this is a very recent purchase, and you will have an ongoing need for this feature, you might want to consider swapping it out for a model that does not use EasyMenu. Units to avoid include the Ease, any of the XL335SE/335LE/335LM models, and the XL350/350T/350M/350TM models.

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