Entering Lat/Long into a 550TM

Oct 4, 2008
Houston, Tx
TomTom Model(s)
130s, XXL 550 TM
Is it possible to navigate by entering just the Lat/Long? I could do this in my old 130s but can't find how to do it on my 550TM. :(

A colleague recently brought a Garmin and the reason was that he needed the ability to input lat/long which the TT couldn't do.

Surely there must be a way to do it??? :confused:


Surely there must be a way to do it??? :confused:

It's easy if you have bought one of the right models, but impossible if you bought a wrong one, I'm afraid.

Of course it's almost impossible to find out WHICH are the wrong models before you buy one.
TomTom don't ever announce on their advertising "This one CANNOT do these functions" :mad:

The only really comprehensive lists of features you'll find is not on the TomTom website but on forums such as this one.

>> Click Here for the Features Reference Guide <<
Surely there must be a way to do it??? :confused:
As Andy has suggested, some models aren't going to do it - no matter how obvious it would seem that such a feature be part of any GPS.

IF you still have a chance to return the one you have, I'd pick up another, and avoid ALL of the following models, all of which have the EasyMenu system that lacks the feature for which you were looking on your 550.

Ease (Start2 in Europe), XL335SE, XL335LE, XL335LM, XL350, XL350T, XL350M, XL350TM, (XL IQRoutes2 in Europe), XXL550, XXL550T, XXL550M and XXL550TM.
Thanks for providing the list, canderson... I'm still finding my way with all the different US model numbers. :p
Well, bugger :(

I have the XXL550TM. So even though I've made the mod to get rid of the easy menu I still can't do the lat/long? What were TT thinking when they removed this ability??? :confused:


What were TT thinking when they removed this ability??? :confused:
There's this misconception out there that many product managers and product management teams actually think about how people might want to use their products <sigh>. They have their own vision of the "correct" use model, and specify each new product accordingly. What you see is what they thought.


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