Entering Tom Tom Address information for USA

Aug 22, 2010
There are a number of elements of information for USA addresses. I enter the road or street,CA, then a numerical code. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't ?o_O
Can anybody tell me how I should enter the information so as T T recognises it,or the minimum information that is required.

Many thanks
Hi That may help!!
Its a 5100 with USA and Canada maps.
A typical address that I have been given is:
Hilton Double Tree
One Double tree drive
Rohnert Park
I enter this address and variation of and its cant find the address?
It will get me to Rohnert Park but not to the exact address?
Any thoughts??
One of the current problems with the NAV4 devices is that they can only plot routes to a destination from "the" current location. You just may be a tad too far from California.

Now, me, being in the Greater Toronto Area have no problems planning a route to there.

Wasn't successful with Search > Whole map or the spelt out "One". It must be numerals here.
Changed to In town or city, entered "Rohnert" and then "1 double" and ended up with this screen.


You may get the same but it may say not on current map if the UK?Europe one is active for you.

No matter, all your planning is not lost as when clicking the Drive (steering wheel) icon this map appears (at least for me).


That "Destination" should be found when you go Menu > My Places > Recent destination. You can now turn this destination into a Favourite, to be accessible in My Places in alphabetical order (you can rename it).

This way you should be able to have the planned destination in My Places once you visit.
Think it would matter if he opened up the search from "Near me" to "Whole map"? That is, after all, what it's designed to do.
Bad habit of mine. I leave a screen up and go away for quite a while, then reply to what was there when I left. Didn't see your post #5
Hi all,
It seems that you really need to be in the Country to get it to find the address. Some I found in the UK and some I didn't! It still couldn't find the exact address but by looking at Google maps and then entering a nearby address it found it!
I normally use the whole map. I did try both the number and the "one" address but from the UK it didn't find either!
Will let you know how I get on and any further "tips" please let me know.
Thank you for your help.

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