entering street address/wants Highway

Nov 17, 2011
TomTom Model(s)
I just got a Tomtom 930T and took it out for a spin. I tried to enter East Hastings Street and eventually found E Hastings St and when I selected that and then entered the rest of the address it automatically switched to West Hastings Street. Driving around I then find out that to enter East Hastings Street you have to enter Hwy 7 or something like that. I look at Main Street and it gives a Highway name; same with Howe Street.

Is there any way to set up the Tomtom so that it will accept the street names without the Highway names first?

Hi Kitsilano and welcome to TTF!

Names of streets frequently get changed before the name changes are reflected on maps, the problem being compounded when streets are 'known' by several different designations, i.e. county hwy and/or city street name.

Not knowing completely your situation, I did try a demo route to a business located at 633 W Hastings St, Vanccouver, and found what you said was true; the TomTom map lists it as located on Hwy 7; Google Maps list it as Hastings St. However, in both cases I was able to get to the destination.

"Is there any way to set up the Tomtom so that it will accept the street names without the Highway names first?"

I'm not aware of any; perhaps I don't understand your question. :rolleyes:
Thank you so much, alfie67.
I found that I could enter Hastings St W but couldn't enter Hastings St E (it would think it was an error and revert back to Hastings St W). Thanks for trying to replicate it. I was hoping there was a setting so that in a city you could turn off the highway part and just be able to enter the street but I guess not. I think the Garmin is similar.
Thanks again. I guess the answer is no. :)

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