Add phone numbers manually?

Jan 21, 2009
Vaughn, WA
TomTom Model(s)
GO 720
I am able to connect to my Bluetooth NEXTEL 580i phone OK but the 720 cannot retreive the phone book (no surprise!).

I don't see anything in the menus or in the manual to manually add phone numbers to the 720.

Looking in the "Contacts" folder I see 2 files - buddies.dat and called.txt. The "buddies" file is empty and the "called" file has a phone number I called.

Is there a way to add in phone numbers manually in the Contact folder?
I may be wrong, but I haven't found a way to do this, if I enter a new number on my phone I delete my contacts and let the tt reload the directory from my phone, longwinded but you don't have to do it often:D
Keep tryin'

Like I said. I cannot load the contact/phone list from my phone - it is not supported on the cell phone I have.:(

Here's a question. For those folks who are able to transfer their contacts from their phone to their 720, open your "Contacts" folder (using Windows Explorer) and tell me if there are any files there other than "buddies.dat" and "called.txt"?

I'm guessing that the contacts list is either loaded into the "buddies.dat" file or into a new file that I don't yet have since I cannot transfer that data.

See where I'm going with this? If I know the name of the file and the format of the data, I can probably create a contacts list in Notepad and load it into the 720 manually.

I think a file called contacts.txt is created.

THANK YOU! You are awesome.

Yes, it is a simple text file called "contacts.txt".
With my GO 720 connected to my computer, I opened Notepad, typed in a name "Bob's Cell" a comma and the phone number. Saved it to the Contacts folder and disconnected the GPS from the computer.

Now my PhoneBook Icon is active and when I open it, there is Bob's number. i tap the line and the call is made.

Yahoo! :D
I can smell a Sticky coming

This should be added to a Sticky with FAQ or stickied on its own. GREAT info!!


I think it might be better if I created a new Post with a few pics that make it cvery clear and detailed on how to do it. Then that could be made a Sticky.

I'll work on it this evening.
I dont think it would be neccesary, I just went and added the names to my recent call list. It was SUPER EASY. I have a phone that wont do it either and this is a simple way around it.

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