Manually installing computer voice in Go Live 740 TM

Jul 6, 2009
I had an original Go Live 740 stolen on a recent trip and have just replaced it with a 740 TM. I had the old one just the way I wanted it and figured the new one would be easy to get back to the same place. The problem is, even though I am in the US, I really liked Kate, the UK computer voice, and she is no longer available to me. I've looked at all available voices in Home and changed my language to English UK, just in case, but she just seems to be gone. (Sounds like a bad movie, eh?)

The thing is that I have the files, because I have backups of my old 740 that was using her voice, so it seems to me that if I knew what the right files were, where to put them, and how to tell the device that they're there, that I should be able to get Kate going again. Given the amazing things you guys have figured out in some of the threads on correcting pronunciation, I'm hoping that this might be pretty straightforward. I did find one thread on manually installing voices, but it was just about reinstalling corrupted files in an existing installation, and not about installing from scratch. So, does anyone have any idea how I could go about this? I'd sure love to have Kate back!
You could try making an Explorer, not Home, backup of the current unit's contents and then overwrite the loquendotts folder on your new unit with the same folder from the (stolen) 740 files.

If it doesn't work, then just copy back the loquendotts folder from the new backup you just made.
Excellent idea, and I believe it worked. I copied two folders over from my backup... \LoquendoTTS (and all subfolders) and \voices. Both contained files that are specific to the individual voice. The only other complication is that my new GPSr didn't have enough room for the old folders as I had four computer voices installed. (I didn't realize how big they are.) Anyway, I just manually deleted all of the Simon files from the old backup before copying and that made it small enough to fit. I just did it and haven't had a chance to drive since, but I was able to choose Kate again and test her voice, so I think I'm good. Thanks!
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Although it's interesting to know how to manually restore Kate from the old backup, it turns out there was a much easier way. I just ran across a post from MVL who points to where I could have simply downloaded Kate without going through all that other stuff. In case anyone later comes across this post, also looking for Kate, you can download her here.
How to install the on the 740?

I am a neophyte to customizing my TomTom. How do I "install" Kate. I downloaded the .cab but don't know what to do with it.

Use Explorer to go here on your computer:

c:\documents and settings\yourname\my documents\TomTom\Home\Downloads\Complete\Voices\

If such a folder ('Voices') doesn't exist, then create one. But, you should see that folder and you should see the file there.

If so, connect the unit to Home, Add Voices, and you should see Kate listed as being on the computer. Put a checkmark beside it to install on the unit.
I must be doing something incorrectly

I tried copying the into a voices folder I added per your suggestion, but HOME can't find it. Any other suggestions. I am in North America, don't know if the version of HOME matters, with a GO 740 LIVE.

Thanks again for all the great work you do on the forum. This forum has been a lifesaver.
You can try this.......

Make an Explorer, not Home backup of your unit's contents. Then use WinRar and extract the contents of the file into the loquendotts folder on your unit.

See if that works.
Found a work around

Thanks for the suggestion. I ended up looking at the file structure and saw several subfolders in the LoquendoTTS folder where the voices are stored. I looked at all the extracted files in the and copied them into the appropriate folders where the similar Susan files were and Kate now is giving me my directions. She is much appreciated....too bad they don't offer her anymore.....thank God for the forum!

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