Loading a Navcore application manually.

Dec 4, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
Go 750 LIVE
I am sure this is probably covered in another thread, but on restoring my GO 750 LIVE the application stated it was 9.001 instead of 9.022. It seems to work OK, and I do not want to upgrade to 9.024 as that introduces problems with Safety Cameras showing starnge speed limits.

Can I restore an application manually. I have the CAB file in my Downloads folder.

You can. Make a complete Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents. Then delete all the loose files (no Folders or their contents) in the root of the unit.

Then extract the contents of the application cab file to the unit using WinRar and let it overwrite where necessary.
Download WinRar by clicking Here and use that to extract all the files in the CAB download you have stored directly to the drive letter associated with your TomTom device, Please note the screen shots below were from a different Navcore instal to a different device but you should be able to follow the process:

As always backup the unit BEFORE trying any update/ roll back just in case it goes wrong.

Double click the CAB file upon which one you downloaded and winrar will fire up, use the mouse to select all files and folders then click "Extract To"

Locate the drive letter associated with your TomTom and click it, make sure the Overwrite mode is selected to "Ask before overwrite", then press "OK"

When the dialogue box pops up saying "Confirm File Replace" click the "Yes To All" button.

Sit back and watch the progress bar, with a good USB2 connection a Navcore installation will take around 2 minutes.

When its finished the update use the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon from the Task Tray and remove the lead from the device.

Let the device boot up and tap the sat strength meter (lower left) followed by the version box, the resultant screen will confirm the version installed is as expected - Mike

PS Pictures paint a thousand words, thats why it took me a full 7 minutes longer to answer!!!
Strange how both answers say more or less the same thing - someone might get the idea we both went to the same school of "How to fix a TomTom"
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Thanks Guys. This has worked. I had tried a variation of it without deleting the loose files which was not successful.

Home seems to think i have something other than a GO LIVE device, but having looked through a few other threads that might not come as a surprise! as well as not being important.


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