speed and redlight camera updates

Dec 3, 2007
Holtsville, NY
TomTom Model(s)
2535M Live
I emailed customer support about speed and redlight cameras and how my tomtom 2535 m Live is updated and the following email was received by myself.
Yes, each time you connect with your Go 2535 M Live device, the speed and redlight camera updates are automatically loaded into my unit and will be seen.
I hope this information is helpful
I'd love to see some acknowledgment from MyTomTom that this is, indeed, the case (assuming it is!). I've connected my 2535M Live several times and so far have seen no indication of information going back and forth from device to TomTom. If this kind of info is, in fact, being downloaded into the 2535, then I'd think it would be a good idea to let users know this is happening so that we can be sure to keep the device connected until the download is finished (among other reasons).
I have a new via 1400 series and supposed to have all the updates also and not getting a thing! Also they need to put the gps fixes up to help with sat locations so it doesnt take so long to find the birds everytime its turned on. I am VERY disappointed in my purchase so far becasue of the software issues.
I plugged my 2535TM to my PC, and mytomtom tells me I am up to date. Never had it downloaded the speed & redlight camera once.
there is an issue with speed camera updates at the moment, ask customer services to extend your current term for the time that updates were not available:thumb:
When speed cameras were launched for app 10.x last December, there was no visual explanation of the download, just an unnamed update every week or so.

They appear to be broken right now (I don't pay attention, fixed speed cameras are virtually useless in the US)

In the USA, the speed cameras are free, so whenever Tomtom gets them working again you'll start getting them downloaded.

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