Cessation of support for speed detection cameras: Smart

Aug 6, 2019
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I bought a new Smart forfour, with built-in navigation, which was advertised as including 3 years free LIVE services from Tomtom. A couple of months ago, I started having real problems with the speed camera detection - it was on and off all the time. I contacted Tomtom about this (my local Mercedes dealership said it was nothing to do with them) only to be told that Daimler/Mercedes had requested Tomtom to remove support for speed camera detection from LIVE services. Smart tell me that "the speed camera functionality was never listed as an additional feature and as such you would not have had to pay extra for this service". My take on this is that Tomtom's own website etc all clearly show that speed camera detection is part and parcel of LIVE services and therefore, naturally, they would not have been listed as an additional feature. Smart are still advertising new Smart Cars of a certain grade as "including 3 years free LIVE services". I consider that Daimler/Mercedes/Smart have broken their contract. What do others think?
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Smart are still advertising new Smart Cars of a certain grade as "including 3 years free LIVE services"
I would take that ad in to your dealership and confront them with it.
Would that not be a violation under the British Trades Description Act?
My dealership claim that this is between Daimler/Mercedes and Tomtom. I've got back to Smart Customer Services following their initial response but they have declined to answer. I thought that this would be an issue for the dealership - because that is who my sales contract was with, in law, but they state that as they were not responsible for the decision, my beef is with Daimler/Mercedes. I'm wondering whether my only recourse will be to take Smart to small claims court.
If I had a dated copy of that advert appearing I think I would pursue it.
This is not to be construed that I am giving any advice.

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