Recovering Maps on Go 710

So with that navcore I get a bunch of freezing.

Follow these steps to remove the app and have HOME reinstall it.

It will not install 7.903 directly, instead it goes through a succession of apps that ends up in 7.903. Some of those steps install updated bootloader and GPS receiver drivers onto the Tomtom, that may prevent the freezing.
So after I unrar'd 9.03 to the SD, I need to allow HOME to run the updates to the software? I was under the impression that the software I unzipped to the SD was ready to go.
The software isn't necessarily complete. On some models (I don't have my 510 any more, not sure) there are updates in the 7.2-ish range that update internal firmware. Tomtom doesn't re-include these in the latest software on occasion.

HOME knows about these intermediate versions and when necessary it updates in stages so you get everything you need. I'm not 100% sure that's the issue with your freezing on 7.903, but it's always cleanest to let HOME select the appropriate software for you.

Also try this and this to see if it helps with the freezing.
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This is unreal, this thing is just toying with me at this point. I put the 7.903 navcore on the device, put my USA and Canada map on, deleted the config file, let it restart. Then I reconnected it to my computer and went to emulate my Go and I started to ask me to put in my home location and stuff, further than I've ever gotten. Got out of all that and tried to start up the device itself, without emulation, and it came up with the User Agreement or w/e, the greenish screen with the I Agree button. Pressed the button, freeze. Now the software itself even freezes when I go in to emulate. This is like a rubix cube times 2.
Could be the hardware failing.

What application did you have previously that was "too big"? Newer applications update the internal bootloader firmware irreversibly, and if a bad one was put on there's no way to revert to the proper one.
I don't remember, I deleted it from my pc after being told to use the 7.903, I am however pretty sure that it was a newer version, in the 8's. I still think that the map folder bricks the device, it seems like with just the software on the device it is functional.
Well, as a last shot, try this app. It's an earlier one that should still be able to read v650 maps.

If it works, you can try having Home update the app one level at a time, and get the latest version that doesn't crash.

It's quite possible that some GPS hardware, speaker hardware, or ram has gone bad on the Tomtom, and that the hardware doesn't get used until a map is present and all the hardware is used more.

The Home Operate my GO emulator really only uses the SD reader portion of the hardware, all other functions are simulated.
My friend ended up finding the little card that has the product code on it. How can I get my device code if I cannot get the device to work long enough to get in and access it?
Use NotePad to open the file ttgo.bif that will be in your backup, the device code is near the top - MIke

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