Polarisation of current tomtom models

May 15, 2018
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TomTom Model(s)
start 50
First, the technical explanation:
Light reflected from the road ahead is horizontally polarised, even when the sun isn't out.
Polarised sunglasses are made to cut out horizontally polarised light, for this reason.

Second, my observation:
I had a Start 25 (I think that was the model) and it was perfectly viewable with my Polaroid polarised glasses.
I confidently bought a Start 50 based on this experience, only to find it unviewable with my Polaroids.
As the display doesn't accommodate rotating my Start 50 to a portrait position, I have the choices of not viewing, not wearing sunglasses to drive, or tilting the Start 50 one way and my head the other way.

Further technical explanation:
LCD displays rely on polarisation phenomena. Which is why some screens black out to people wearing polarised glasses: these might include petrol pumps and digital watches.
NOW the screen manufacturer can choose the angle of polarisation. The instrument manufacturer (tomtom here) can choose the screen he buys - hopefully for its polarisation angle and not for the cheapest Chinese product out there.
It must be that my Start 50 has an inapropriate polarisation angle.

My question is:
Do any of tomtom's much-vaunted new products have polarisation angles designed for wearers of polarised sunglasses?

All my contacts with tomtom in the past have been well dealt with. Except on this subject, where I can't distinguish between ignorance and stone-walling on the part of the staff I have contacted.

My advice:
To all those who wish to drive with polarising glasses, put them on and TRY THE DAMN GPS BEFORE YOU BUY IT!

Good wishes to all including tomtom staff. From uncleclive.


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