OpenTom MP3 Player

Feb 8, 2007
North adams, M.A.
TomTom Model(s)
one v2
has anyone downloaded the OpenTom MP3 Player application? I'm interested in the Accelerometer display. what info does it provide? also Maintech Gmbh states that the speed and acceleration high scores aren't saved is there anyway to record,save them if the application actualy works that is. I'm not interested in the mp3 stuff. if there is a better application out there that moniters vehicle data and is capable of storing things like fastest speed let me know.
I'm interested in the Accelerometer display. what info does it provide?
It wont work for you as the newer devices don't have an accelerometer. AFAIK, only the GO300,500 and 700 had that, the so-called ASN. If you had one of them, with opentom, it would display your acceleration/deceleration in G.

Your best bet is Tripmaster, as battom has suggested. But it doesn't show G.
I just now started looking at the OpenTom MP3 player. I'm not interested in the other features other than the MP3 player. Has anyone tried it on a TomTom ONE? Is it worth installing?
I hope someone can fill me in on how to install this on the ONE. Looking at the site it does work with the ONE but you need to do some work around.

I looked at the instructions but I don't know what it means or how to do it. Here is the reference:

Sounds like you have to recompile and do all these funny things before you can copy it to your ONE which I don't know how to do.

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