MP3 Audio problem

Nov 7, 2011
Have a Go 530 model and bought a 4 gb sc hc card to put music on. Seemed to play OK for first day or two but now the FM transmitter stops working after a few minutes. Aslo bought an in car charger that outputs 2.1 amps. Sometimes get some interference coming through radio which stops when i remove the charger. Anyone got any idea if these two things are related or is there a problem with unit accepting 4 gb cards. The charger was a cheap one from ebay so it may be that it is not properly screened. Any ideas appreciated.
Anything newer than the Go x20 series should be OK with a 4GB SDHC card.

When you say the FM transmitter stops, do you mena the music stops completley (i.e. does it still work if you switch it to the internal speaker).

I'm thinking that if it's only the FM tx that's stopped, it's unlikely to be anything to do with the card, but if it's stopping all playback it quite likely IS the card.

You could also try putting just a few mp3s on the internal memory and seeing what happens if you take the card out and just play those. Does it all still stop after a while?

As for the charge interference, yes it could be...
There are lots of solutions for earthing problems causing buzzing or interference on audio cabling (ground loop isolators etc,) but if the charger is simply inducing buzz into the radio with nothing connecting them together and without the TomTom plugged in, then there's not a lot you can do except replace it, I'm afraid.
Thanks Andy for your reply. I think the charger is causing the interference, it was mega cheap off ebay so probably not best quality. Tried using another one and so far so good, just not sure if it will have enough juice to run unt and keep battery charged when gps, bluetooth and fm transmitter all going. As far as the FM transmitter problem, i tried a reset the other night and touch wood it is working ok so far. Really pleased with this sat nav. I previously used an XL live that i had paid over £150 for, also had a sun visor bluetooth hands free unit and a plug in fm transmitter that i could plug an sd card into. Got this Go 530 on clearance from Tesco for £28. Paid for map update and now have a sat nav that does what all three things i had as separates before. So well pleased.
Thanks again for your help.

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