One XL battery replacement UK

Apr 22, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
I found it easy and cheap to replace my battery myself. TomTom discourage battery replacement; a repair shop quoted £54. Do not be intimidated, instructions are available on the web. Search for youtube clips " TomTom one xl battery replacement" or look at

I bought a battery and a TomTom Tool Kit (6 Piece) for less than £9 on Amazon. The kit is essential. You will also need sticky fixers.

As well as a special screwdriver, the kit includes a plastic shim tool. Use this tool carefully all round until the case is loose. Then gently remove the case. Before unplugging the battery and loudspeaker (to give access clearance) take a photograph showing connectors and cable colours. The battery is secured by a sticky pad and has to be gently prised away (use the shim tool).

TomTom have a message on their website dated 1 March 2013 "the battery of your navigation device cannot be changed." This is not true - a do-it-yourself replacement at low cost is quite possible. see then search on battery replacement.
battery replacement model 2405

I fully agree with your post. My Tom Tom 2405 had 0 percent left on the Battery. I spent $30.67 and ordered a new battery online from This cost included postage and GST. The battery was received 5 days later ( which is today) in the mail. I had watched different videos on changing the battery and it took me about 20 minutes to carefully remove the two screws on the bottom, remove the cover, remove the 4 little screws and remove the old battery while ensuring that the plug in colours for the battery were put back same as removed. It was actually easier than I expected and I would encourage all who like their Tom Tom and the battery is dead to go ahead and replace it. It took about 6 hours to charge up the battery and when I checked it, it read 100 per cent. Everything is working fine on this unit. All the hype about it being a big deal to change the battery is baloney. I did not buy the special kit, but it would probably make it easier if you did. Don't think twice, order the new battery and you will be happy.


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