ONE 140 displays flashing X, unable to get device working again

Jul 30, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
One 140
I originally wanted to update a map installed on the device. The first signs of something wrong occurred when it took around 5 hours to transfer a downloaded map, ultimately failing to transfer cline.dat.
After following other user recommendations as stated on the forums and in the support section, I decided to reformat the device. The device was unable to be formatted though windows so I used minitool partition wizard to format. After successfully formatting with that software, I plugged the device into the computer and was recognized by the HOME software.
After installing "Tomtom application for car and motor navigation", the device only boots up to display the flashing red X sign. I'm stuck and afraid that this is a lost cause. What else could be done in order to get this device in working state?
I'm a little concerned that you were unable to format through Windows. That should never happen. What kind of error did you receive? I'm concerned about a couple of things, including whether the cable/port is giving a good connection.

Anyway -- after installing the app, you still have no map for your device. Were you performing a simple Mapshare update when this occurred, or were you attempting to install a full new map?

Have you ever backed up your unit? We need to find a copy of your map on your PC. That's one way we could recover a copy.
My problem is pretty much the same as this person, except I was first experiencing very slow transfer speeds and unable to update maps. (

As for the cable, I have only tried using one which came with my external hard drive. The original cable that came with the TT was lost.

I was attempting to do a full map update. At first I was unable to proceed to install the map update as there was insufficient space. After deleting voice files to create space, I encountered extremely slow transfer speeds which fails and then decided to delete the existing map. Then as a last resort I attempted to reformat.

I do have a backup before the whole mess occurred.
Did you use Home to make the backup, or did you do it manually by copying the contents to your PC yourself? In either case, you'll be looking for either a folder that talks about "North America", "NA" or "United States" or similar that substantial in size. I can't recall how they named the maps for the smaller memory model units.
I used Home to perform the backup. I do see a folder called "USA_Canada_and_Mexico_P".
Not good. There should be a great many more files and folders than just the 'brand' folder in 'USA_Canada_and_Mexico_P'. It seems your backup is incomplete or the map was deleted from your PC using Home.

Reformatting before being assured of a full map backup was not helpful.

One remote possibility if the backup is fairly recent ... check your trash can. First thing we'll have you look for is that cline.dat file. In fact, if you have the time, you could do a full PC search for that filename as well. If that shows up anywhere, for any reason, we can probably locate the rest of what you need in that spot as well.
Couldn't find it. If the device could not be restored to working order, then I'll just send it to electronics recycling. Lesson learned.
Well .. it's a bit like formatting the HD on your PC. You need the critical bits off of it if at all possible before you start.

OK -- some users have been able to cry on shoulders, cajole, wheedle and beg and have a map set up on the TT server for download with Home when something like this happens. Much may depend upon whether the tech support guy you first contact is having a good or bad hair day. I see you're in the U.S. Use this number and keep your fingers crossed: 866.486.6866. You'll need your account login name/password and probably the serial number off the bottom of your unit in hand before you place the call. Let us know how you make out.

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