Now this is WEIRD!!!

Sep 23, 2007
Jackson, NJ
TomTom Model(s)
GO510/710 + XXL530•S + XXL550•T
I can no longer find the "Show fewer options" OR "Show ALL menu options" in the preferences's nowhere to be found.

This is the chapter CC&P'ed from the manual for the TomTom XXL530:

Preferences: You can change the way your TomTom XXL looks and behaves.
Tap Change preferences in the Main Menu.

Hidden buttons and features
When you first start using your TomTom XXL, all the buttons are shown in the

The buttons for the more advanced features can be hidden. This is a useful
option because you are unlikely to use certain features very often.

Show fewer menu options
Tap this button in the Preferences menu, to reduce the number of buttons
that are shown.

You might want to do this so that only frequently used buttons are shown.
When you need to use the buttons that are hidden, you can press Show
ALL menu options in the Preferences menu to show all buttons.

Show ALL menu options

Tap this button in the Preferences menu, to show all the buttons available
on your TomTom XXL.


Was trying to change a few things and stuff just disappeared. I reset it to factory settings hoping they would re-appear and nada. Lost all of my previous settings and trips but that's not a problem. It's the lost items in the preferences that worries me the most.

Here's the manual for my particular TomTom:

This all started when trying to change my starting and closing splash screens. Looking for the start-up items in the preferences is what started all of this since the start-up items in preferences is also gone.

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May I suggest:
1. Make an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents
2. Use Explorer to remove all loose files in your unit. NO folders or their contents.
3. Connect to Home and accept the application offered. Install.
4. Disconnect the unit properly from the computer using Home's Device Disconnect icon.
5. See if things are back to normal.

(p.s. No need to post in an oversized font. The default is just fine....)
An Explorer backup....not familiar with that at all. What exactly is that and how is it done?

Update: Downloaded IE 5.2 for Mac. I'm assuming that is the "Explorer" you are referring to. Now what do I do with it??? Haven't used IE in YEARS!!!!

BTW, even my Bluetooth option is no longer in preferences. Disappeared. 6 pages of preferences still left but the options that I want are not among any of them.

Found this when searching for a "reset" of the unit:

To reset your TomTom device, do the following:

Check that the battery is charged properly.
Charge your device for at least 2 hours before trying to turn it on again. Make sure the charging light on your device is on.

Reset your device.
Press and hold the On/Off button until your device restarts. This can take more than fifteen seconds.
XL 340/330/325
XXL 540/530
ONE 140/130/125

PS - the "reset" did not work.

Will be calling TomTom tomorrow (when I have the time and which will probably require a lot of it if it's anything like dealing with ISPs) to replace the unit since it is defective well within the warranty period. It's going to be a problem since I have new updated maps installed.....not the maps that it came with.
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Now I can delete IE since it is useless as a browser.

I will try your link and its' contents later today or tomorrow since I will finally have the time necessary to spend on this without rushing.

Using an Intel Mac running 10.6.4
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