TT ONE being weird (Diagnostics screen)

Aug 9, 2011
My TomTom One is being weird. When i turn it on, i get a black screen with all the software information. And my computer cant find it. Help?
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Sounds like the Diagnostic screen. Normally, one only gets to it by holding the power button for a lengthy amount of time (20 or 30 seconds) till you get beyond the normal reboot of the unit.

The button may be sticking on the unit.
If the One is First , Second or Third Edition or a One XL, there is a reset button on the bottom of the unit. You can try that.
If you can get hold of lubricant especially for electronic components (not something like wd-40), perhaps give a shot around the button, which appears to be sticking.
If you peel the label off the base it will reveal two torx headed screws, remove these and you can seperate the screen from the back, remove the main PCB then you have access to the on/ off switch from the inside to clean it out, take great care with the ribbon cable between the screen and the main PCB as the retaining clip isn't very strong and quite easy to break - Mike

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