Map Corrections not being recorded by voice

Jun 17, 2011
TomTom Model(s)
go 750
I've been making endless map corrections by tapping the 'Mark location of map error' on my GO 750. I then update them later when prompted by the device. Last week I discovered I could record them by voice after tapping the microphone, and that seemed a lot easier to.
However, I've just got home and went to do the updates but they are not recorded on the device. It seems map corrections made using the microphone are being lost somehow. Anyone got a solution to this issue ? Thanks.
I'm guessing you are saying that you have been trying to use either the voice command "Map error" or "Mark map error" to mark positions where you need to make map changes, but when you get home, the markers aren't there for you to make the changes? How does your unit respond when you attempt to mark these positions by voice command?

If you mark positions by hand (rather than voice), do they later show up for you?
Thanks, the unit does respond ok when I announce a map correction to it. It might either prompt me to confirm that I do want to make a map correction or it announces that it has accepted the map correction. In both instances, it announces the road's reference number too. So, it sounds like it is working correctly but the markers were not there when I went to update them on getting home.

When I mark positions by hand, i.e. tapping the screen as already mentioned, the markers are recorded ok and show up later for update.
Sounds as though you may have uncovered a bug there. I don't have a unit of that vintage to confirm.

What firmware version are you running on that unit? 9.061?
Yes, it is 9.061 alright, and if it was a vintage unit as you say, would not this bug have appeared previously and perhaps fixed in some later release. Maybe this post might get picked up in due course and I'll learn more by other visitors, otherwise I'll pursue TT Support to follow up and report back here later. Thanks again for your assistance.
Here's the fix for this problem; make your map corrections before connecting the gps to TT Home. I had not done this, hence my map corrections were lost after map correct updates were applied. I found this on the TomTom support forums from Traylaw(Esteemed Navigator);

He says:
As far as I can tell when you connect your gps to your computer it checks for any mapshare corrections you have entered to be shared. If there are any corrections it uploads them to a server, once that is done it does some housekeeping which includes resetting any locations that were marked but had no corrections applied.

So you need to make your corrections before you attach your computer.

Thanks Traylaw

Should not happen as described. By simply marking a location, you haven't even created a valid MapShare entry yet (no details!). It should be leaving those alone until you have an opportunity to process them. It's often also a lot easier to make the corrections with a real monitor and mouse where the detail is easier to see and touch vs. onscreen.

In any case, locations marked manually with the screen and those marked with voice control should be being treated in exactly the same fashion. Are you saying that manually (finger) created entries are NOT being killed off by Home during a device connection? I don't have a configuration similar enough to yours to test right now.
I've tested further. Marked locations by manual or voice are only available for update as a MapShare entry prior to connecting the device to TT Home. After connecting to TT Home, an internet update is automatically started with my GO 750. If there are MapShare entries made, they are uploaded. Marked locations that are not updated as a MapShare entry prior to connecting to TT Home seem to get erased from the device and are subsequently lost.
Perhaps not the best behaviour, but that is what is happening alright. So, to try and do the MapShare update using the monitor and mouse as you suggest is not going to happen as the internet update seems to erase the markers on this GO 750. Once the behaviour is consistent, then I'll just do the MapShare update prior to PC connection. :thumb:

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