Roads repeatedly being blocked

Mar 27, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
Dozens of roads and motorways are becoming blocked by the unit. I have never blocked a road. I have not connected it to the Net. When I unblock them, next day there are new blocks. Is this a hardware or software problem? Is there anything I can do? The cost of upgrading to new maps is comparable with buying a new unit.
The map does not appear to show blocked roads in a different color or by any other means, so I discover the blocked roads only because the Tomtom refuses to plan a journey over them.
Hi Spencerg - welcome to TTF's!

That certainly is frustrating and I'm thinking shouldn't really happen. Could you let us know which TomTom you have by going HERE then posting the info back here. This will help us advise which settings to change to prevent that from happening - I hope!
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The details on the unit are:
Model 4ET03
Serial GH1400B00278
Any help will be appreciated.
Your unit is an XL250, known around the rest of the world as an XL IQRoutes2.

A road that is truly blocked will appear on your map with an overlaid dashed line. The color of the dash varies with map color scheme. Mine are always purple, though the dashes can be blue or other colors. If you don't see a dashed line, the road is not 'blocked' in the normal sense.

There are two ways that a road that is not blocked can otherwise be avoided during routing. The first would be bogus Mapshare information that is laying in turn restrictions at key points such that routing there is disallowed. You can start over by removing existing Mapshare data and seeing if that resolves the problem. See screen shot below. If it does fix your problem, then I would recommend going to a more restrictive Mapshare trust level, preferably "Strict".

The second way you can get into trouble is the accidental selection of certain configuration options within "Planning preferences". For example, it is possible to avoid dirt roads, toll roads, or pick shortest instead of fastest routes. Be sure you've checked all of the configuration options there.


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@spenceberg... To make things easier in the future, please update your profile to show the TomTom model name (XL250 or XL IQRoutes2) not the part number (4et03). Thanks.

Those part numbers are incredibly difficult to decode back to a recognisable model.

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