TomTom Via 180 adding a weird phrase to instruction

Dec 20, 2010
New Zealand

I've just bought my first TomTom, having come over from Garmin. It's the Via 180, and when issuing instructions in the Computer Voice, 30-40% of the time before speaking 'she' says something along the lines of "San Perini/Pelini *something*", then continues on into the instruction.

Has anyone else had this with the Via 180?

Help!! It's really weird.

It doesn't appear to do it with the NZ or Australian voice, but I want to use voice commands, so have to select this one.
Welcome to TTF.

Unfortunately, while there are some things that can be done to attempt to improve the speech rendition for most models, there is nothing the user can do (or we can suggest) for those models that require the use of the web based MyHome3. Such models are the 1000, 1005, 2405 and 2505.

I cannot tell whether the VIA models (we don't have them in North America) require MyHome 3 or not.

If not, use Explorer to look at the contents of the NZ map folder and rename the the cphoneme.dat file to cphoneme.old. See if that helps.
I'll give it a whirl, and see it if fixes it.

I bought two of the blasted things, one for me and one as a gift, and as I live and work in an area where it is saying it continuously, it drives me nuts.

Actually, given how poor its understanding of voice commands is, I might as well switch to a local voice, and give that a try for a while.

There is obviously no NZ-accent interpretation loaded, cos I've had shouting matches with "that woman" that leave her completely unmoved, and me really irritated!
I have the same issue with my TomTom Via 160.
What do you mean by "use Explorer to look at the map file..." could someone talk me through that please
Sorry, can't be done on the Via (see my reply to you in other thread) so the user cannot use Explorer (or Finder on a Mac) to access the files on the unit.
This problem with garbled instructions also happens with XL250, VIA160 and Go750 that I am aware of and it occurs whenever the instruction includes a a reference to a State Highway e.g. SH1 for example.

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