Weird RDS-TMC problem

Feb 2, 2011
Hello there,

I have a TomTom GO 910, navcore 7.903 and recently purchased an RDS-TMC receiver (the latest one, 4V00.013). I seem to have an unusual problem. After placing the device on the car holder, or attaching the receiver to the holder, RDS-TMC locks onto a station almost immediately, I don't even need to extend the antenna (the signal is very strong).

But after cca. 5 minutes it will start searching for a station again, and even after finding the radio station it just stops there forever, never gets to the "Updating traffic infomation" stage, it just keeps displaying the little moving green arrow. The traffic information seems to still be available though.

If I remove the device from the holder for a second and put it back, it displays the full green circle within a couple of seconds.

I tried to reinstall the navigation software from scratch, it did not help :( Any comment is appreciated.
Welcome to TTF.

Have you tried resetting the unit using the reset hole in the bottom of the unit?
Thanks for the tip.

Unfortunately it did not help. After reset, I got the green circle within 2 seconds after reboot. 7 minutes later, searching for a station again (moving green arrow).
Is the 910 actually locking on to the mount or simply sat on it, if its not locked down vibration will lead to the contact strip breaking the circuit to the RDS receiver resulting in the unit constantly looking for a signal.
Poor mount to device locking isn't unusual with the x10 series of units - Mike
Well, the 910 is actually on my desk right now where I am doing the testing, so no vibration, but I'll try to check this theory as well, thanks Mike.
Nope, I don't think that's it either. I very carefully turned off the device while it was looking for a station (I didn't push on it or move it), and after I turned it on again, it locked on RDS-TMC immediately. I strongly suspect this is software-related somehow.

I was kind of hoping someone else already had this problem...

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