Need help to install latest maps on Go 530

Feb 24, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
Hi Everyone

I am new here on Tomtom, I have tomtom go 530 with the following details

Device xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
App 9.430.890926.1. OS 842337
(2008, 21/03/2012)
64MB RAM (free 12.9MB)
GPS V1.20, Boot 5.5120
Map: 'United_Kingdom_and _Republic_of_Ireland' v805.1801
Language: English UK

I bought this device in 2008 and then updated the maps, Now I can not afford to update to latest maps.

I know the latest maps available on tomtom website is V9.05. As I am new I will really appreciate if someone could help me with step by step to install latest maps on my Go 530 please.

I know I am being cheeky and asking for too much but I will really appreciate your help.


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As I explained in the other thread where you asked this question:

Assuming you mean by "Now I can not afford to update to latest maps." that you are attempting to locate a 'free' update, that won't happen here. Even if we bundled up the entire UK map set, the mismatch in serial numbers (see above) would prevent them from working on your 530. If I've misunderstood what you're trying to accomplish, please advise.

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