MyDrive Connect or TomTom Home?

Jun 16, 2023
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TomTom Model(s)
Mazda NB1
I'm having a terrible time updating the maps on my In-Dash Mazda NB1.

It constantly fails.

Which application should I be using, MyDrive Connect or TomTom Home?
It's Tomtom Home that you need to download to your computer to update your GPS.
Thanks Willy875.

Have been trying but just can’t do it. And TomTom support has been as useful as a chocolate fireguard.
It may be that if you purchased the cartography via the site, your cartography is not compatible with your GPS.

Connect your SD card to your computer then open Tomtom Home
Tomtom Home will offer you the maps compatible with your GPS.

Before buying have you checked with the serial number if the mapping is compatible.
I've just found out that I purchased the "World Map - 1 Year map update service".

My SD Card says Europe. See Attached"

Could that be the problem?


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    SD Card 1.jpg
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Your 2014 Europe map is not the same as in 2023
The SD on Mazda only have 4 GB of memory
What is the serial number of your GPS?

The card you had to buy is only compatible with the serial number that starts with DP.

I find it strange that Tomtom customer service has not seen them.
Its: DP5234N50217

I didn't have to buy the card, it was already in the car but was outdated. I was trying to update it by buying the maps as a download from TomTom.

I since spent more than 3 hours on chats with Support who can't help me.
If your map is available on your Tomtom Home account

make a complete backup of your SD on the computer then delete only the cartography on your SD try again to download the map via Tomtom home.
Managed to get Tomtom to refund the World Map. Once I get the refund I’ll buy the Europe Map. Hopefully that will work.

I’ll keep you posted.

OK - Got my refund and I'm about to buy the right map this time.

From my Tomtom Home account there are 2 options to buy maps (see attachment)

Which one do you recommend?


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IIRC, the result of either is the same.
Try them, by clicking those you have not yet committed yourself to buy anything.

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