Haven't updated maps for awhile. I updated the tomtom mydrive connect VIA 135

Nov 28, 2021
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VIA 135
I see it has something new. It says "remove content from your device.

I would like to know what this is doing before I try it.
I'm being careful because I have had difficulty updating in the past and don't want to lose what I have.

I clicked on the "remove content..." it brings me to a list of the voices. When I try to click on any of them it does not accept the choices.
What does that mean?

I clicked on the "remove content" a few times and it started to update. at first it did not connect to the gps, until I turned the gps off and on again. Now it says "getting ready" for about an hour.

I have a 30GB sd card and only about 5gb are used so thats not a problem.
Also can you tell me what windows directories it is in so I can try to back it up?

Any ideas?
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You won't have access to the internal directory structure of your Via 135. That stopped being a possibility between the good old Gen2 units and your Gen3 Via 135. So there's no way to back up the full content of your device like there used to be.
Does anyone know why it says "getting ready for over an hour".

The solution to update problems used to be deleting the maps folder on the computer or even deleting the Mydrive Connect folder on the windows PC. If that is the problem how do I find the folder where it is stored on the windows PC.
Little cogwheel in the upper right of MyDrive app.
Downloads tab.
Downloads folder.
You can clear the folder from there if you like using "Empty download folder"
I uninstalled using the uninstaler I found here to completely remove mydriceconnect.

I tried it again today it goes as far as updating device, getting ready, then it says servers are busy try again later.

So , is this going to work or not?

update: I clear folder from the cogwheel worked.
I tried installing the quick gps but it showed there was an error in the download.

I'm downloading the maps now. Lets see if it works :(
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You may want to try Support CHAT:

United States
Monday - Friday: 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST

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