phone book data where is it kept?? how can it be properly updated?

Oct 5, 2011
TomTom Model(s)
Live 1535
I was always under the impression that my address book when connected to my TT1535 PDM was in my iphone that was connected to my tomtom.. in other words I start up the GPS it finds and connects to my phone and then it says address book copied over to device . .I check the address book and sure it is fuull of names etc but it is like many months old..

I'll go into phone and delete names and change numbers etc .. then start up my Tomtom and it says address book transferred .. but when I investigate it is the old address book ..

How can I check this out more thoroughly .. The sim card I removed and then the device didn't work.. so that can't be it ..

Ideas ??
Ugly as it sounds, you could do a factory reset on the GO 1535. Afterward, you should find that the old phone book is well and truly gone, so whatever comes across from that point could only be the current content of your phone.

By any chance is the TomTom showing both old and new entries from your phone, or just the old stuff?

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