Map scale?

Apr 25, 2008
The Go 920 has no scale display, so while I can zoom in and out, that is less than useless without something to tell me how far it is from point a to point b on the screen.

My 12 year old Garmin Emap shows a small scale on the lower left part of the screen that gives me some perspective on what is displayed.

I am not expecting Tomtom to suddenly realize this is a significant annoyance, but was wondering if anyone knows of an add on utility that can handle this function.

Do I see what you did not?

Yes, there is map scale in Tomtom device, not only GO920 but I guess in all their units.
From A to B in Browse Map, yes there is map scale located in upper left corner of the screen. From A to B in Navigating Mode, yes, there is, exactly how long, in mile with its decimal number and in feet (if you know how to turn it on)
What else do you ask for?

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