Looking to get my first TomTom GPS....

Apr 19, 2010
I currently have a Navigon 2200T. Since Navigon moved out of the U.S. their customer service has been awful and the updates are almost non-existent now. I'm thinking of jumping ship with them now. I'm looking for a TomTom that is as close as possible to my current GPS in terms of features. My current GPS has lane assist, 3D reality view around interstate interchanges, shows speed limits for most roads, warns you when you go over those speed limits, ETA, altimeter, current speed, reroutes you when you get off course, speech to text, traffic alerts, etc. I don't want to break the bank either on this next one. I've read up on some of the TomTom models and I thought that maybe the TomTom One 140s would be the closest to what I have. It seems like it has all of the features my current model has and isn't real expensive. For those of you who own this model, could you please tell me if it has everything I just mentioned and how expensive they are as well? Any other model ideas would be appreciated too. Thanks for all of your help!
The 140S is about as low as you can go in terms of the TomTom food chain of models.

NO TomTom has an altimeter though you can get that feature on some models using a 3rd party application.

Why not go here and use TT's model selector to see what is suggested.

Also, look here for a very good price on the 540xxl tm (lifetime maps & traffic) to be available this week.
Looking at the XXL540TM, it only makes sense that given the free traffic for life, it comes with the RDS receiver ... but I've yet to see anything that definitively says that it does. I'm confused. At $202, I guess I can afford to be for a bit longer.
I think the main thing you'll want are IQ routes, and lane guidance.

All models with those features will work with a (sold seperately I believe) traffic receiver (minus that link for the 540xxl that was posted). However keep in mind IQ routes knows when roads get busy so they will be avoided if there is a faster route during those times. This ends up be accurate then waiting for an update on a traffic receiver to let you know of a back up. However IQ routes doesnt tell you if there is an accident, so if something unpredictable happens you might get stuck in traffic.

Personally I havent been a fan of traffic received via the RDS-TMC receiver, maybe via bluetooth would be better. I dont know...

Lane guidance will show you I think what you are looking for as far as reality view goes...

Like so...

There is somewhat of I 3-d ness to the maps too in more popular areas like this..

All the features you are looking for, minus altimeter are pretty standard with IQ Route models.

I think I'll have to pick up one of the 540xxl with the lifetime map updates and traffic!

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