Looking to upgrade but not sure about new TomToms

Aug 3, 2011
Hi guys,

A few years ago I purchased the TomTom XL 250 and I'm pleased to say that despite one hiccup that saw it back to the shop, it's still alive and going strong. I adore the thing and wouldn't think of getting a new one except for the fact that my brother keeps taking it out of my car and using it for his own trips!!

I've tried telling him to get his own to no avail, so I've decided to get a new TomTom...

However, after reading a few reviews online, I'm seeing quite a few negative comments from reviewers regarding the new browser plugin instead of the old TomTom Home, and of new units being without the much-loved red light camera alerts.

Bearing this in mind, are there any units that you could recommend to me? Budget isn't a concern at this stage, I just want to make sure I get a purchase that isn't going to have me crying hysterically while putting it under the car and driving over it :p



Honestly, I'd avoid anything but the 540XXL at this point in time. Too many issues with the hardware and the required MyTomTom web application for the other models.
+1 on the 540 since you have grown accustomed to using the 250. Here in the US, we also often get great deals on the 540M (lifetime map updates), so although you're in Aus, it might be worth looking around to see if they have any comparable deals there.
+2 on the XXL540.

I bought the TM model (lifetime Traffic and Maps) and love it. It does have red light cameras (at least here in the US), but you can always create your own or download some already made as POIs.

The current version of TT Home (2.8) works just fine, too.

Don't know where you are, but I installed the Height (Altimeter) plug-in on mine and it's fantastic. Not as good as a barometric type, but good enough.

Yep, go with the XXL540 and get the M or TM version if you want free map upgrades.

PS. Also consider using a password. That will keep your brother from "borrowing" it.




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