Hello, Long time user looking to Upgrade

Jan 29, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
Tom Tom Go 700
Hi everyone,

I currently live in Kansas and serve in the Army. I have a Tom Tom Go 700 that I bought back in 2006, and it has been the greatest device for me always being on the move. After six years, I'm ready to upgrade but was shocked by all the models to choose from when I went to the Tom Tom website. I tried updating my map with this new tomtom software, but it doesn't even recognize my device. I guess it's too old. From all the models to choose from, which ones are the best TomTom has to offer?

With the years of great service I have had from my current model, I don't mind spending a few hundred dollars on a newer one. Thanks, Will
Welcome to TTF.

For starters, take a look at the chart in this link provided by supermod mvl.


The newer models available to you are **quite** different in many aspects from that which you are used to, including limitations of menu choices, the requirement to use MyTomTom web app as an interface (no more Home 2), no user access to the file system....

So, look over the chart and ask questions here.......
To update your existing Go700, you probably need to start off by using the old "Home 1" software.

You can download that from TomTom HERE, but you need the insignificant download link below the main one for Home 2.
It's here:


Install that and use it to update the Go as far as it will go (by selecting "update..." several times)

Once it has done that, uninstall it and download "Home 2" from the same webpage (using the more obvious link) and then try updating again.
And welcome back to the forum.. The changes in gps models is staggering and I find it difficult to keep up also. I did finally replace my 910 but only because it became a novelty paper weight.
Thank you for your service.

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