Looking for a decent replacement...

Dec 11, 2012
United States and Portugal
TomTom Model(s)
GO 920, VIA 1535TM
I had a GREAT Go-920 that I broke while trying to replace the battery, a few years ago. Then I bought a Via-1535 and it is showing now a problem in what I always thought could be its most fragile spot - the micro USB connection. The problem seems to be related to the female plug (on the set) causing a quite lose connection. I have to play it to different positions until getting a good connection and then trying to keep it steady on that position with the help of a strong rubber band... And I can't stand it any longer...

I'm looking for a nice replacement. I don't care much about fancy or sophisticated features. I'm ready and would be happy to pay the price for a good quality, reliable set with LTM and an SD card slot, preferably in the 5-6 inch screen range. I wouldn't preclude the idea of buying a new Via 1535 again IF I knew that what happened to mine was an exceptional occurrence or just a bit of bad luck on my part. However, I feel quite disgruntled when looking at the ratings and customer reviews on almost every TomTom model I put my eyes on... I would prefer, by far, to keep within TomTom, but I must admit that Garmin models seem to get so much better ratings, by comparison! Or is it just my impression?

Can anyone please provide any suggestions?

Have had good luck with the newer units that include a dock rather than direct plug-in to the unit itself. If you still bounce around between US/Europe, you won't want the GO 5x00/6x00 because the SIM cards in those won't work in the U.S. market and you'll be paying extra for that feature but not getting the benefit when here.

However, there are the GO 500 (5") / 600 (6") units that use your cell phone's data link to get traffic and other data and these will work anywhere you have cell phone data service. They communicate with your phone via Bluetooth. That gets a little continent-specific as well, but I'd recommend the U.S. version that does not require native BT or WiFi tethering to your phone, but instead, uses a TomTom Bluetooth app that gets around all that. Data usage is pretty minimal considering the amount of HD traffic available in most major cities. Note that these 500 and 600 units are sold in Europe under exactly the same name, but with a different tethering method. As noted, I'd stick with the U.S. spec version.
Hi canderson,
Thanks for your prompt response and suggestions. I'm not too crazy about the traffic feature, but the lifetime maps is a big plus for me. I have had both with my Via 1535 and I must say, lifetime maps has proved very valuable to me. And yes, as you say, I'm still "bouncing" back and forth between the two continents...
Now, as I said before, if it weren't for the lose connection that recently developed on my current set, I would be perfectly happy with it. That's why I still consider going back to the same model, unless someone could assure me that the issue I am experiencing was just a strike of bad luck. Have you ever heard of a similar problem with this particular model or any other TomTom model?
As we all know, and just like with any piece of equipment, an occasional problem can occur at any moment and still not represent a serious structural issue that is bound to repeat itself in most pieces of the same equipment model. On the other hand, if this particular problem is a known defect of the model, then I would be well advised to avoid buying it again, of course.
But truth be said: It really strikes me to look at the abysmal difference in ratings between Garmin and TomTom. Except that I feel reluctant and, as the saying goes, man being an "animal of habits", I would need a good push to move to a different brand from the one I got used to for so many years...
Any additional comments would be much appreciated.
Thanks again.

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