Looking for info on VIA 1605M

Apr 11, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
XXL 550M
I am looking to upgrade my XXL 540. I'm very leery of the new GO series because of mixed reviews I have seen and limited functionality. I am looking at the VIA 1605M which is still available at Amazon as a possibility. 2 Features that I really want are itinerary planning and the ability to install custom POI files as well as warning when nearing POIs. Also I'm assuming that this is a unit with computer generated voice instructions (eg street names)

Any input is appreciated.

That model does NOT have Itinerary Planning, just the ability to add 3 waypoints to a route and, even then, the route cannot be saved.
1) Big plus of 1605 is a really high quality resistive style touch screen. NICE display
2) No units since the 540 have provided full itinerary planning capability. That means using your own POI or very short (4 point) itineraries that cannot be saved. Alternate: Setting up a POI set that starts with 01_ 02_ 03_ in the names will keep them sequenced on the display. Yeah, it's only a workaround.
3) Custom POI can be accomplished readily on these units. Proximity warning is available.
4) Yes, street names are spoken (text to speech).
Thanks for all of the great input!!!!

It has really helped my decision making.

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