Looking at replacing TomTom One SD memory to repair defect

Jul 22, 2013
New Zealand
TomTom Model(s)
One 3rd Edition
My Tomtom One 3rd Ed has symptoms that are consistent with a faulty SD memory module.

  • When uploading a replacement map, some files get corrupted and the upload fails.
  • When looking through the files with Explorer, some directories contain files with mangled names and details.
  • I can't delete the map directory but I can change its name.
  • When I try and make a backup, I get told I need massive space on the hard drive (up to 100GB) as a result of the mangled file details.
  • I can't upload any maps, and my Tomtom doesn't have the old map.
  • I can connect to the TomTom and I have successfully completed some updates.

There are a number of possible causes of this type of fault including both hardware and software. It could be something as simple as a cold solder joint. I have gone as far as I can go to eliminate software faults. I have use explorer to copy over the uncorrupted files to my PC.

I propose to replace the SD memory with an 1GB SD card (not an adapter) as shown here
I am an Electronics/computer Engineer so I have some relevant skills.

My questions are:

  • has anyone seen similar symptoms and if so, what was the solution,
  • If I replace the SD memory, what (if any) files should I load onto the replacement SD card before installation?

Were you able to use Explorer to copy over the specific map folder? If so, then format the unit. Don't use quickformat. If Windows says it can't complete the format then try this:

Start-->Run-->cmd and in the window that opens, type chkdsk X: /f where X = the drive letter that Windows assigns the unit.

Then format the unit, don't use quickformat.

Then connect the unit to Home and accept the application offered. If that installs ok, copy back the specific map folder.

The directory with the original factory installed map is corrupted and I was unable to make a backup. I can change the map directory name but I can't copy the contents. The file contents look corrupted. I am getting consistent looking corruption so I don't believe this is a problem related to the quality of the USB connection.

All my problems began when I tried to install an new updated map. I was able to successfully install an upgrade about 6 months ago. The latest attempt failed. TomTom Home shows that the new map is not yet installed.

The current unit has a 512MB SD memory unit. That is entirely adequate for this part of the planet. A 1GB SD card will be more than I will ever use.

So if I installed a clean formatted SD card, will the TomTom then use TomTom Home to restore a new installation of the software? In my case, that should also include the new map.
Both the application and map must be on the sd card. You can manually install your updated map on the card. See here:

And once you put the sd card into the device, connect to Home and an application will be offered. Accept, install and disconnect properly from Home using the Device Disconnect icon.

Restart the device and you should see 'no maps found' when the device boots up. Then use the info in the link above to add the map to the card.
I added a new 1G SD card. The memory was recognised by the TomTom.
Although the installation was successful, I was unable to get the software loaded and running. It appears that my TomTom has a fatal fault that was not rectified by the addition of more memory.
I have given up and tossed my TomTom.

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