Linking to TOM TOM with 2 GPS

May 16, 2014
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TomTom Model(s)
VIA 280
I have 2 TOM TOM GPS

and old gps a tom tom one third addition

and a tom tom 280 which I normally use

I lent the via 280 to my son to use and got the old unit a TOM TOM one 3rd addition to use myself

I cannot update the old unit using TOM TOM HOME as the system says I already have a GPS

linked with my computers email address

I have anough email address , gmail

can I use that to update my old GPS
Just so we're clear ...

Do both units have unique email addresses?
Are you still using the 'old' email address with the 'old' unit with Home?
I am using the new tomtom with the old address

and using the old tomtom with a new address and and new account

the old tomtom is not connecting for updates saying a problem with the f drive

should I reset the old tomtom to factory settings

will I lose the updated maps , the old tomtom requires payment for map upgrades
TomTom's servers are quite fussy about NOT accidentally getting one device mixed with another due to email address. My concern is that there was no 'official' transfer of the old email address to the new unit, so please clarify if you believe that was actually accomplished, and by what means.

A factory reset will not disturb your map, but it's probably not necessary for this exercise, and it WILL wipe out all of your favorites and settings.
Maybe you could call Customer Support and ask them to verify the eMail address allocation of your devices.

1300 135 604

9:00 am to 5:30 pm AEST

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