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Jun 17, 2020
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Hello. New to the forum. I'm having an annoying issue with my NOS TomTom XL that probably has a simple solution. I just can't figure it out...........

When I turn it on and put in a destination, after about 2 minutes I get a TomTom "tutorial" (more like an ad about its features) that overrides the route directions. If I touch the screen, the directions come back up..........for another 2 minutes, then I get the ad again. Anyone know how to eliminate the ad?
Thank you.
Wow .. it's been a LONG time since that question has come up.

First, look for an option in the Preferences menu called "Hide Tips". It should have a red X through it. If it does, tap it and it'll change to "Show Tips" indicating that it is disabled.

My recollection is that there is a folder that contains the files involved in these 'tutorials', and that we removed that content. Please don't start randomly trying to do so, however! I've looked back at my oldest device backups to see if I could identify the folder in question, and don't spot it.

Are you able to take a snapshot of the folder list of the root of your XL? Might be able to identify it. Not sure, but the name 'spotlight' keeps nagging at me.
Perhaps dhn or another here will recall it specifically.
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It may also be a demo showing on the device. As I remember, if you actually plan a route and drive to it at > 40 mph for 30 seconds, the demo disappears. (something like that for time and speed)
Thanks again for the inputs. A couple of things: even driving at 60-70mph for extended periods of time did not make the demo disappear. I also could not find any menu preference that would allow me to delete it. I searched every single option on the XL. What did seem to work was deleting all the factory settings, (re-entering what I wanted), and now I don't get the demo.
Don't know if that makes sense or not, but it seems to have worked.

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