Carminat TomTom western Europe issue

Jul 8, 2012
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Carminat TomTom
Hi All
I have a Carminat TomTom SD Card 2GB with UK & Ireland I have just purchased Western Europe as my Wife and I are off to France in September. Whilst downloading I was warned my current 2GB card did not have enough memory. I used a 16GB SDHC card ample room etc, copied all existing files from original card and proceeded to install Western Europe which completed successfully. When I put the SDHC card in my device it will still only see UK & Ireland.
Any help or ideas would be gratefully received.


Manage maps-->Switch maps. Does that show both maps?

How about if you reset the device?
Hi dhn

No it still only shows UK & Ireland although the Western Europe map is on the card as I have seen this via explorer when inserted in my laptop.

I will have a go at resetting device


What is the latest application on the unit? If you connect to Home, is a new application offered?

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