Renault TomTom Issues

May 18, 2016
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Hi there,

Im having huge issues with my built in tomtom in my Renault Clio estate.

The unit screen wont power on and when i plug the sd card into my laptop to try update it, the card shows but doesnt have any files on it other than tthome.bif and ttsystem .

Can anyone please help? or does anyone have a backup of their card i can install on mine ?



Since you can see those files, we know that you have one of the old Carminat systems made for Renault. This device carries all relevant files on the card and not internally.

If those are the only two files, you're missing the majority of them. Where they've gone is a separate question at this point, and our objective must be to put things right.

What was done with the unit/card that might have precipitated this situation?
At ANY time in the past, did you ever perform a backup of your card to your PC, either using Home or by doing it manually?

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