TomTom GO 630 Touch Screen issues

May 5, 2013
South Africa
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom GO 630
Hi all,

I did a bit of searching and well, I was recently given a TT GO 630 and have reset it to factory defaults, updated the device using the latest software available and well, I have the issue - the issue is, it doesn't do it all the time, just now and again.

Basically, when touching the screen, the screen will either select the wrong letter (I push "S" it pushes the letter above or below it)

Has anyone figured this issue out yet?

I thought it might be a 'heat' related issue because after a while, the GPS is hot (not very hot) and then the issues start, however, it doesn't always do it when the GPS is hot - sometime it does it when it's first turned on.

Has TT bothered to fix this issue yet?

My TT is most probably out of warranty but do TT care to replace or fix ?
See here for how to fix a mis-callibrated screen...

Screen re-calibration?

... but I've never heard of one that only does it occasionally. The only heat related issue I've seen makes the screen produce "phantom finger taps" rather then getting the position wrong

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