TomTom Go 630 Bluetooth problems

Jul 27, 2010
A few months after getting my TomTom 630 it started freaking out during hands free calls. Not every call but its frequently enough to really be frustrating. Problems include
- looping sound during the call (last sound spoken by the other caller just repeats over and over)
- whole call hangs at call start or during the call
- sat nav freezes and won't respond to any screen controls - won't even power off

Occassionally it automatically detects the problem, resets itself, goes back to the startup splash and starts up. Other times I have to take it of its holder and press the reset pin (which is not easy whilst your driving and the looping sound problem occurs!!)

My phone is a Blackberry 8900 and has worked fine - never gives any errors and generall continues with the call even though the sat nav freaks

Anyone got any ideas or is this a dud device?
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Any chance you did a firmware 'upgrade' to your 630 some time after you bought it - about when the problems started?
No firmware upgrade - the device has never seen my PC. Maybe thats what I need to do - do you think a firmware upgrade would help or would it just introduce other problems?
The most 'recent' (19 months old!) for that model is 8.351. And it has the Bluetooth issues.

What do you have?
I've tried to find out what firmware it has but can't see how to do it. Any ideas?

If I am on this firmware is there anything I can do or do I just have to live with it?
Tap the satellite bars on the 630. The next screen shows the application version installed.

If you tap the version number, the following screen shows the map and its version which is installed.
Well, the latest is 8.351 but it does have Bluetooth issues.

Make an Explorer backup prior to getting the update so you can roll back, if you wish........
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