Blown fuse, capacitor,? tomtom 630

Jul 22, 2011
Hi there.

Im paul from the netherlands and my tomtom went dead after 12v.

I opened it up and saw that only one thing on the circuit board has visual damage! so worth trying replaceing the part to see if it will work again.

the problem is i do not know for sure what it is that blew so i would appriciate the help!

Picture here :

You can see C80 has bin blown to bits, maby someone has a schematic on wich the can see what the specifications are for this componten.

p.s can any one tell me what the type of connector the screens flat cable use i cant find it anywhere!

Thanks in advance

I thought it was usually a diode or the voltage regulator chip that went pop.

There's an old post here. that reckons there were two ICs blown.
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The link saying ''Here'' does not work could you re post it?

and does somebody know where i can find ciruit diagrams or schematis?
Sorry, link fixed now, but as I said it's an old post about an old model, so it may not be much help.

The only time I've ever seen any schematics for any TomTom was when the FCC accidentally published some once as part of their test results . Unfortunately I didn't grab a copy before they were hastily withdrawn!

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