tomtom630 new owner map update

Sep 12, 2010

I just bought my 2nd TT 630GO (previous got stolen). I was informed in the store that I can update the maps on my TT for free within the first month. I am trying to update it with the tomtom home but the only way I can update the maps is if I pay for it.

Anybody knows how to do it and if it's true?

You are probably trying to use the Add Maps icon.

Instead, you want Home's Tools-->Latest Map Guarantee selection.

You should be offered the North America 8.75 map.
How will it know I just bought it? Do I need the activation code? Where is the activation code btw?
The activation code is needed for the lifetime maps --- which the 630 model doesn't have.

If you are NOT offered the 8.75 map, by the way, call CS at 866-486-6866. You may need proof of purchase (scanned) but they can add the map to your account.

Do create an account at with your email address to register the unit. Then log into Home with the same email address and use the LMG from Home's menu as I described before.

don't use an email address you used if you had a prior tom tom unit.

it worked. How can I check the version of the maps installed?

thanx for your help
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